A collection of Star Trek Discovery gifs by BenjiTheWalrus in startrek

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Damn I have been savagely destroyed. Absolutely rekt. Self-immolation at its finest.

Does the music in Discovery make it less enjoyable? by basicchannels in startrek

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I heard that was an intentional decision to make the show less music driven after some decisions were made between season 2 and 3 of tng. They wanted the show to stand on its own and not have music tell you how to feel so much. If you pay attention you'll notice season 1-2 of tng is much more music driven than 3+ or any other series like voy or ds9 or Enterprise that had the sameish showrunners

Some of the Nikon DSLR gear onboard the ISS (International Space Station) by BasedOnAir in pics

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At least you don't need a support rod for your tripod for heavy lenses in microgravity