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colinttierney 2 points

incredible. i love that the horizon is still barely barely visible. gave you a follow! i aspire to be this good one day.

Fishermang 1 point

Thanks! It's not that difficult, just play around and experiment and you will be there in no time!

I too liked the mix of twilight and even sunset and northern lights. A unique combo. I managed to capture a very vivid northern lights during similar conditions another night, but haven't developed and processed the photo yet as it is a bit more challenging!

zachmots 1 point

Wow, not many star trails for being this long of an exposure. Nice work!

Fishermang 2 points

Thanks! I think that is due to the resolution of the camera, in 100% version they aren't quite as sharp.

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djavaisadog 1 point

what shutter speed was that at? the water melds together really nicely

Fishermang 1 point

Just one second :)

Ron_Jansen 1 point

I've been waiting much longer than one sec now, when are you going to answer this?

Fishermang 1 point

Hahaha! :D

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jawjuhgirl 0 points

So, Roald Dahl's land of Giants in the BFG?

Also, can I get a pronunciation? Cuz I feel like it sounds like hymen but I'm sure my southern American accent isn't doing it right.

Edit: just found your explanation but you still didn't give the actual pronunciation, or is hymen it?

It's also a beautiful place.

Fishermang 2 points

Hmm, I am not sure how to note down the actual pronunciation, but I liked what /u/kjuddab wrote: "As funny as this is, if anyone is wondering about the pronounciation, just look to the Thor movie. Idris Elba plays "Heimdal" (The all seeing gatekeeper, and it is pronounced excatly the same. "Heim" is usually an old Norwegian word for home (some dialects still use it). So like OP's title, "Trollheimen" means "Home of Trolls"."

52MeowCat 1 point

Beautiful! At what time was this photo taken?

Fishermang 1 point

Thanks! It was taken around the end of January last year, somewhere around 16:00 o'clock.

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Fishermang commented on a post in r/nba
Fishermang 3 points

Man I wish Kyrie would fallow me on Instagram. I have a ton of landscape photos there and none of them show that the earth is not flat.

Fishermang commented on a post in r/DarkAmbient
Fishermang 2 points

I tried to think of something that involves banjo or harmonica in it but can't find anything unfortunately.

Looking at the concept and an isolated town in the mountains, some albums come to mind:

Cities Last Broadcast - The Humming Tapes. Reminds me of a remote desolate place, and well, isolation. The same goes for Hymnambulae - Orgelhuset.

I also find Lustmord - Other album relevant, at least to the landscape, but I can't really tell why.

Sounds like a really awesome session by the way!

Fishermang commented on a post in r/television
scuba_davis 1,342 points

I wonder if they will have any success at all whatsoever. Tired of seeing them make dumbass decision, get screwed by ethical catch 22s, and get kicked in the teeth over and over lol.

Fishermang 1 point

Yeah, but before you know it there will be something else along the lines with cars that open like this I I and not like this / \ or even like this _ _

Fishermang commented on a post in r/EarthPorn
Fishermang 142 points

seriously cant tell the difference if this is a witcher 3 max resolution HD repack or a landscape photo :D i guess that says quite a lot about witcher 3 graphics. this a fantastic atmospheric shot man, nice one!

Norci 5 points

Witcher 3 has no place with lush grass and pine trees afaik.

Fishermang 1 point

hm maybe you are right, I might be mistaking it for some Skyrim mod

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Ron_Jansen 1 point

Lekkert, fin linje i snøen! LE effekten passer bra. Jeg synes ofte det er for kaldt å leke med filtere hehee!

Fishermang 2 points

HAHA :D Jeg kjenner det igjen ja. Vanskelig med stativet som synker i snøen også, merker litt blur.

LoL_Stopher 1 point

Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate the work people do with photography since I am unable to put in the time I wish due to other hobbies I have. Keep it up. Your photography is full if wonder.

Fishermang 2 points

Thanks so much, that is very encouraging. I mostly dont have time for any other hobbies, so it's like you said :)

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YeOldeShitpostingAct 1 point

I don’t believe this stuff anymore. I think it’s all photoshop. “Come visit us!” The Scandinavians say, “we have natural wonders and social democracy!” Then after you arrive I’ll bet you get eaten by CHUDs.


Fishermang 2 points

No no, don't listen to this, it is actually pretty awesome up here. Adventures, sexy nature, sexy people, sexy music, all-you-can-eat lunch bu fays in hotels

penguinscollectcups 1 point

OP, were you swimming while you took this?

Fishermang 1 point

Nah, it is a wide angle lens effect. I had the tripod on the very edge of the stone, pointing partly downwards

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