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cherchei_ 8 points

Ask and it shall be done. woof


JavaReallySucks 2 points

Doin me a heckin happy :)

pandulfi 76 points


JavaReallySucks 69 points

Doin me a heckin sad :(

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HopeSandoval 3 points

It's Rani! I love this doggo.

The imgur description doesn't link the true source. Here's their youtube channel:

Here's another gif of this dog catching a fish: And source for that

JavaReallySucks 2 points

Thanks for the source fren :)

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JavaReallySucks 2 points


What is with these rounded corners and massive padding in the status bar


Still have a Sexus but I have 8.1 lol

JavaReallySucks 2 points





Wait this isn't even made by DuARTe anymore, right?

JavaReallySucks 1 point

Wait wtf did they do to the toasts

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User_Simulator 3 points

Jesus cried out in passion as Noah's lips reached his substantial manhood, and began to saunter forward lazily, completely aware of the Sea aren't available to stream anywhere unless you actually buy/rent it. I always thought it was about and just mix in whatever you want for the effort you're putting in uploading these!

~ 11181514

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JavaReallySucks 2 points


XKCD_423 179 points

I have my bookmarks organized into tab groups–random, memes, click these when you feel sad, etc.

I have one link in the tab group named 'fuck everything about this'.

I'm sure Luke was a wonderful dog. That was my Mollie, too. They were good dogs.

I'm sorry for the feels trip, I found myself reminiscing. I hope you have many more good dogs in your future.

JavaReallySucks 55 points

I read that comic, now I'm sad. /r/wholesomememes here I come

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I don't like Java

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