/r/Europe for the past few days by Krizerion in europe

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Yeah, I have nothing against Finland. I am happy for them as well, it's just funny that most of the front page posts on /r/Europe are about them, haha

Yesterday I had my most epic boss fight in my life! (Coven of Shivarra) by Krizerion in wow

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No, it was not meant to be rude, sorry. I just like playing mostly 1 character and that's it

Yesterday I had my most epic boss fight in my life! (Coven of Shivarra) by Krizerion in wow

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Well, I just value my free time and prefer to spend it for stuff like going out, friends and travelling, rather than another wow char :)

Yesterday I had my most epic boss fight in my life! (Coven of Shivarra) by Krizerion in wow

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I have all characters to level 110. I like playing only my main character tho.

Yesterday I had my most epic boss fight in my life! (Coven of Shivarra) by Krizerion in wow

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I started raiding with them last Thursday. I joined a random pug in the group finder, I liked them, because they are awesome guys and pretty funny as well, and asked them to join their 2nd team for normal/heroic raiding. I am now even considering to do a realm transfer to Silvermoon, but on Sylvanas I play with my best friends and we have our own guild. It has santimental value for me and my buds, even though we are not raiding (just doing Mythic+) :)

Can we stop comparing generals please? by bastibanana in eu4

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Datamined Voil Elf and Nightborne racials by Krizerion in wow

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If Dispel Illusions doesn't scream "AN ILLUSION, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING", I will be really disappointed...

A new animated short series - The War Wonders of Bulgaria. Episode 1 - The Battle of Slivnitsa (English subtitles, more info in comments) by Krizerion in history

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Hello everyone.

This is the first episode of the series about the "War Wonders of Bulgaria". I follow this channel for a while and I really liked the style of the animation and explanations. Sadly, there is no English narrative voice, but there are English subtitles. If you find them interesting enough, I will post the other 3-4 episodes that are out :)

British Isles 14th century by Anderopolis in europe

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Questionable map of Europe as Game of Thrones locations. by Gallego6969 in europe

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For me, the following changes must be made:

  • Braavos and King's Landing must swap places
  • The Dothraki area must be in Sout Russia, in the steppes and not in Saudi Arabia

Anyways, this would make amazing EU4 custom map scenario

Pibitite Kamani - a stone desert in Bulgaria, one of the few naturally occured deserts in Europe by [deleted] in europe

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EDIT: There is a typo in the title... it's "Pobitite"... I am not sure if I can edit it

Pobiti Kamani (known as the ‘Stone Desert’ or the ‘Stone Forest’), is a beautiful desert-like rock formation located about 20 km from the city of Varna. A theory suggests that it was formed 50 million years ago, where the rock pillars were formed by underwater coral reefs.

The Stone Desert is not only a well known European tourist attraction due to its desert like habitat, but it is one of few places where desert type vegetation such as cactus are known to grow. It is also the only desert in Europe in which desert reptilians and other desert type animalia are found to thrive. The Stone Desert along with the Tabernas Desert of Spain is one of two naturally formed deserts in all of Europe and the only known naturally formed desert in Eastern Europe.

What do you know about... Serbia? by MarktpLatz in europe

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One of the best posts describing the complicated relationship between Bulgaria and Serbia. Kudos!

Catalans declare independence from Spain by Koquillon in worldnews

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In the end it will end just as a Personal Union...