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Lorix_In_Oz commented on a post in r/Wavesplatform
Lorix_In_Oz 3 points

My best advise is to actually leverage the DEX to your advantage here. So buy into WAVES with the full $15K amount but immediately convert the majority back into USD or BTC or Ether or whatever else you are comfortable in holding in the meantime. Leave perhaps $2.5K in WAVES (You decide, I'm suggesting $2.5K because that's 6 equal splits of your total investment amount) and then gradually buy in as a dollar cost average.

Personally I believe WAVES is a long hold but given the current price spikes and drops with the news I would average my buy-in over time like that just to be careful. But that's my opinion here, feel free to decide what works best for you.

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mossmaal 282 points

Yep, Tony Jones completely blocked every question on it for years.

The fact that the Communications Minister could go on Q&A and not get asked a question about the $50 billion infrastructure program he was responsible for is an indictment on the ABC.

This is a real example of why the media in Australia is letting us down. They obsessed over personality politics and treated Turnbull like an opposition leader rather than a minister that needed to be held to account.

Lorix_In_Oz 27 points

In defence of the show's host and producers sometimes they have to agree to specific terms of reference for specific guests, particularly high profile ones otherwise they may simply refuse to participate. If it's a choice between getting on a particular individual at all or not at all then sometimes they have no choice but to play devil's advocate in these situations.

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Lorix_In_Oz 10 points

This is exactly what we need to have. By establishing transparent standards for future ICO offerings this will go a long ways towards avoiding draconian regulation by showing that the industry is capable of setting standards on it's own.

Decades ago the comic book industry faced a similar concern in the face of censorship, as a result the major comic book producers at the time established the Comics Code Authority to establish clear publishing standards on their own and demonstrate that they could self-police their own industry. While not exactly the same situation, I do see similarities and for that reason I believe this will be a highly effective approach to the benefit of all.

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i_adore_you 7 points

My impression of the Beetlejuice spirit world is that it runs on bureaucracy, contracts, and legalese. Beetlejuice can technically do basically whatever he wants (as evidenced by the fact that he just kinda chills out in their train set and fucks around with things without ever having been summoned), but if he does too much, or starts messing with live humans without due diligence, he can get royally screwed over by the bureaucrats. So the "three times" thing is really just you signing a contract that he can point to and say "see? This is on them," and deny any responsibility.

But in order to stand up in a court of law, a contract's terms has to be defensible and reasonable. It's much easier to defend "they said my name three times within two minutes so this contract is valid" than it is to argue "they said my name three times within forty years, therefore the contract is valid." The latter is open to all sorts of litigation arguing whether the contract was satisfied in good faith or by accident, and, if the latter, could be very easily dismissed and now Beetlejuice is on the hook for any repercussions or reconciliatory damages. He might try to claim that he has a contract, anyways, but my guess is he probably wouldn't risk it.

Remember, for Beetlejuice this is a career; as per his ad in the newspaper, he is a contractor who provides haunting services. He needs a contract in order to do his job, and the way you sign that contract is by saying his name three times, just like the way you revoke that contract is by repeating it three times, again.

Lorix_In_Oz 3 points

Upvoted for visibility. Given the atmosphere of the afterlife shown in the "documentary" this would make for the most plausible explanation.

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Lorix_In_Oz 3 points

Possible: Yes - Efficient: No

Replicator tech is after all based on transporter tech so from an engineering standpoint building one capable of spitting out a starship sized object certainly seems possible but as other people have already pointed out there are likely limits to what materials could be produced meaning that "instant starships" aren't going to be a thing.

That said... I could completely imagine some kind of industrial replicator might exist that is capable of creating the majority of a shuttlecraft or runabout spaceframe in one go. From there it would go for a manual fitout to complete the job.

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MagnusRune 11 points

isnt that the idea behind HIGHLANDER? so you stole it from there obviously.

Lorix_In_Oz 2 points

All I did was rehash one of my own prompts from a year ago. I’ve posted proof in this thread for all to see.

dilqui 3 points

I shall also be a defendant. Let’s get in touch, /u/SeaMarine_ I have some ideas as to how to defend our client against this unreasonable suit!

Lorix_In_Oz 1 point

I’ve already updated my case to this thread with proof!

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Lorix_In_Oz commented on a post in r/KinFoundation
elohssaB 4 points

The Kin Roadmap is apparently give away trillions of tokens that we had to pay good money for to their 18+ year old subscriber base. Heres the thing..since they are just going to give these away like Dogecoin then they are never going to be valued. The highest price of these tokens was on ICO day and has gone down ever since. It will never recover the ICO price EVER. Dogecoin is still around years later( I started out with Bitcoin and Doge but one has been worth having the other is still a JOKE/Meme Coin. Kin will not rise to the relevance of a meme or a joke. Everything they have done and are doing is destroying value. They are not going to be Bitcoin 2.0. Kin is not magic beans. I held Reddcoin for years (359+ Million coins) I got tired of 2years of holding and sold. I am 3 years into holding another start up and am sick of that too but at least its returned 2798% over start up costs. KIN has returned nothing and will not the staff are tone deaf and are not creating a valuable eco system, they are burning through capital and providing zero price appreciation. 2 months in Crypto is 6 months and 6 months is 1 year everything is compressed. This has failed from the start. Community Managers with no community.

Lorix_In_Oz 2 points

What possible motivation and reason would they have for just "burning through capital" as you put it?

Lorix_In_Oz commented on a post in r/KinFoundation
Lorix_In_Oz 12 points

This is what an abundance of caution looks like. This and the safety efforts they recently announced may sound like a waste of time and money to some but I wouldn't take that view by any measure.

This should have been clear from the outset with the stringent KYC they applied during the ICO phase. This is an established company making sure they have dotted their i's and crossed their t's insofar as accountability and liability are concerned. You don't build a house without first laying a solid foundation and this is exactly what this is all about - making sure that we don't get stung later on because they didn't take the due diligence to do things the right way.

Ask yourself: Why would a company that is trying to build a profitable token model act to deliberately exclude a major portion of their user base at this time? The way some people post here you would think they sincerely believe that Kik is deliberately trying to screw us over when the truth is they are doing everything they can to PROTECT out investment and trust in them.

/r/zombiemoan makes a perfectly valid point as well about potential SEC concerns along with the size of the sticker market. And that's just one part of the ecosystem they are attempting to create for us here.

KIN is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

KIN is a fringe project based on experimental technology being run by a motivated, but still very human development team.

If you invested in KIN then treat your investment as such.

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