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kcman011 1,162 points

My wife had this told to her by her 3rd grade teacher. It affects her to this day (she turns 40 this year) People in a position of power and influence sometimes fail to realize just how much power and influence they have, even when they're in a position such as a teacher :(

Pettankman 12 points

I mean my 4th grade teacher told me the same thing and I didn’t give a shit back then nor do I now. It surprises me how different people can be

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Pettankman 1 point

I really don't think this is gonna super work out... many things are gonna go unnoticed, and people who previously recommended are probably not seeking out to recommend, and therefore won't stumble upon this thread at random. Worth a shot though!

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wille179 2 points

I really should get around to editing and publishing this, but Stealing Victory at the Speed of Lightning is my eternal WIP project. It's at a solid 52K words at the moment.

The story follows Kaminyojin Kenta, a Kumo ninja that should have been a high chunin/low jonin at the story's start, but was held back by politics and is currently participating in the Konoha chunin exams as a ringer. His reincarnation was also botched, which messed with both his head and his body, but allows him to play the part of an alien in human skin very well - I should mention that he's entirely open with the fact that he's reincarnated.

It takes place in a minor AU with two major changes:

  • A clan in Kumogakure managed to steal the byakugan by having a female ninja rape a male Hyuuga. Kenta is that child, and the Hyuuga incident never occurred.
  • Naruto and Kurama are on friendly terms. Kurama's been attempting to turn Naruto into the protagonist of a harem story by manipulating Naruto's chakra into indirectly manipulating the people around him into liking Naruto more. Kenta reacted poorly to having his brain poked, making him the only anti-harem character I've ever seen.

While it's following the stations of canon ever so slightly (just the three rounds of the chunin exams, with different results and from a different perspective), canon has basically been shot in the foot at this point and will diverge from here on.

Pettankman 1 point

I'm excited to read this. I don't mind if it's eternally WIP as long as it's updated ;) though have you posted this anywhere else? Would love to stay updated.

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NewYorkCityGent 18 points

It's the stupid idiots that say the same joke from 15yrs ago again and again.

Blading is in fact, pretty epic and awesome.

Pettankman 3 points

That second video is basically Jet Set Radio levels of cool. Also make me wanna skate even if I can’t do all the rad tricks

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Stalked_Like_Corn 4 points

there’s also a TON of great people on YouTube including some of the most talented, creative, and entertaining people

Can you give examples? I'm not up on YouTube celebrities except for like 2 (Boogie and Jenna Marbles) so who is worth watching that aren't scumbags who scream at you and only attract 12 year olds?

Pettankman 1 point

Jacksfilms, Mother’s Basement, AcousticTrench, Binging With Babish, ProZD, and many more that would simply take too much time to list

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TheThademiusKaine 112 points
Pettankman 7 points


Kyntelle 7 points

Your username sounds eerily familiar. Were you ever active on /r/smashbros?

Pettankman 4 points

I actually was quite a whiles back! Never thought I ever said anything to stand out though haha

bsoholic 3 points

Are you me!? I do the mustard ketchup mix as well, for fries. Mayo ketchup mix for burgers (this grosses some people out). Never ketchup alone though.

Pettankman 3 points

When I was younger I would mix the three sauces but I realized mayo is just kinda icky. I actually prefer miracle whip if I had to choose, but generally I stick to the good ol sunshine sauce

bsoholic 3 points

I have on occasion mixed the 3. I never liked mayo as a kid, and even though it's worse for you (health-wise) I prefer real mayo over miracle whip. Damn, I gotta go get some lunch now, getting hungry!

Pettankman 3 points

Back when I was a kid I went to a baseball camp where all lunch was served with fries. The ketchup would literally RUN OUT by the time it was our turn to get lunch. And I was the only kid who would eat fries with JUST mustard and enjoy it. In fact, kids used to call me Mustard-(my name) xD

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Pettankman 18 points

Ha yeah I do the same with my girlfriend. Only reason my phone isn't muted at night is in case she messages me with an emergency. In fact I'm something of an insomniac so before we dated she texted me at 4am distressed and I was the only friend she had who was awake, I wouldn't be surprised if that was a turning point in our relationship which made her like me more.

Pettankman commented on a post in r/BokuNoHeroAcademia
Hideki-Ryuga 460 points

I love stuff like this that is lowkey. Fans will notice it but it doesn't scream 'I'M A MY HERO ACADEMIA FAN' on the front with a picture of a characters face.

Pettankman 28 points

Agreed. I casually wear the pink shirt that says “BADMAN” on the back from DBZ

Pettankman commented on a post in r/wholesomememes
HanSoloBolo 214 points

The "white" thing kind of tipped me off.

Pettankman 45 points

Exactly what I was thinking. Nobody is that socially unaware.

Exploding_Antelope 13 points

Case in point: The Most Unwanted Song was written in response to a survey on what people wanted least in music. The result was a twenty-minute, um, cowboy opera bagpipe rap sprinkled throughout with holiday Wal-Mart jingles. Objectively bad? Trying to be. But there's something captivating about how off-the-wall it is.

Pettankman 4 points

I loved this! I went into this thinking “wouldn’t it be ridiculous if I was one of those wannabe hipsters or who would like something like this” and I ended up loving it xD

Pettankman commented on a post in r/me_irl
kristian323 46 points

All these videos are from the same YouTuber "Jake Paul". The bottom left one is a YouTube sponsored video (I'm pretty sure). It's pointing how he can make all those other videos and still be allowed on YouTube AND supported by it.

Pettankman 69 points

No, I'm sorry to burst your bubble but it's actually TWO youtubers... Jake and Logan Paul.

Pettankman commented on a post in r/food
swampbaby 48 points

I wanted to specify fresh, because this sub has a huge misconception that serving fresh tuna is illegal.

Just wanted to show you an example of what you're missing if you believe that nonsense.

Pettankman 3 points

You're making me crave some sushi but my gluttonous body refuses to eat anything but 30 rolls in one sitting

Pettankman commented on a post in r/stunfisk
Pettankman 5 points

I usually don’t mind stallers, but eviolite Chansey is just too annoying for me to go against, especially against someone who knows how to switch well. I swear the only Pokémon you can use to beat one are steel types with high physical attack. Set up on em and you have the chance to sweep, but otherwise you’re screwed 👎🏿

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SneksNLooders 302 points

I honestly don't understand how this is funny in any way

Pettankman 5 points

I find it funny in how innocent it is in a weird way. I know it’s talking about sex, but these are the exact kind of jokes I made in the 5th grade m. Still doesn’t get my upvote, but really nostalgic lol

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