Tuna Shamed by ThElephantKiller in CrappyDesign

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Damn, I saw someone else say the same thing. Wasn't trying to repost at all. I think I saw the pic on Twitter the first time, but it didn't have a caption.

Never been to a cigar event by ThElephantKiller in cigars

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Awesome. Thanks for the info.

I'm more in the market for 5-10 cigars, can't swing a box at the moment. So I didn't know if it would be worth my time if it was the same as picking up 5-10 at a non event.

Sounds like there are still some perks for what in looking to get.

I grew up watching Manuel Neuer play by onlyyouu in RocketLeague

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Sick play, but you get a like just for the Manuel Neuer reference.

Comic Sans for a town's water tower by typical_trope in CrappyDesign

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The name of the town is Gas City. You can't expect too much out of the creative department.

3 Favorite Wrestlers? by BasedGodImran in WWE

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The Rock: Can't beat him on the mic Jeff Hardy: Wanted to fly like him Edge: I thought he was so cool especially after spearing Jeff off the ladder.