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TheMightyCraken commented on a post in r/technology
vincevtr 1 point

whatever helps us get AI faster lol

TheMightyCraken 1 point

i'm not sure Reddits user habits data mining is going towards the development or being fed into any AI...that's more stuff companies like Google Apple and FB are doing

TheMightyCraken commented on a post in r/teslamotors
el26016 24 points

The Norwegian oil revenue is invested in Statens Pensjonsfond Utland, which only invests outside of Norway. The law specifically forbids it to invest in Norway in any shape or form.

"Banken kan ikke investere investeringsporteføljen i: a) verdipapirer utstedt av norske foretak, verdipapirer utstedt i norske kroner, fast eiendom lokalisert i Norge eller i eiendomsselskaper, eiendomsfond eller liknende konstruksjoner som har som primært formål å investere i Norge. Tilsvarende gjelder obligasjoner med fortrinnsrett med pantesikkerhet i Norge. Med norsk foretak menes foretak med hovedkontor i Norge."

TheMightyCraken 4 points

why would they want to prevent reinvesting in their own country?

el26016 16 points

The Norwegian economy is so small, and the SPU is so huge, it would inflate the value of Norwegian assets if they invested it in Norway. It would distort the prices, and not be a good investment in the end. You don't put all your eggs in one basket. You spread the investment thinly across all the major listed companies in the world, government bonds and high end properties in big cities.

TheMightyCraken 1 point

I see, clever planning on their end

ANDS_ 1 point

I haven't waited on hold for more than 2 minutes when calling COMCAST in recent years. I feel like this is one of those jokes based on an accepted characterization of COMCAST. It's still a terrible company, with terrible pricing and I was glad to be rid of them but at least I never was on hold for very long when I complained.

TheMightyCraken 2 points

On the other handset time I called them I had to wait 2+ hours easily...🤔

Xwarsama 1,401 points

Ay yo.... Didn't Caitlyn Jenner kill somebody? Whatever happened with that?

TheMightyCraken 1,039 points

Yeah she killed lil jimmy down there if that’s what you mean

MSTmatt 538 points

No like in a car accident I thought

TheMightyCraken 556 points

yeah i know, they came out saying "not enough evidence" or some shit

TheMightyCraken commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
GregoriusM 428 points

You man were ducking

TheMightyCraken 360 points

Hold tight Asznee

TacoHaven 1 point

Wait....who is Asznee?

TheMightyCraken 2 points

My bruddah

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