This is why i hate using facebook. by sbguitarman in exchristian

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That's the thing I don't really like about religion. They try to justify their ideologies and in the next breath, they say something that sounds powerful and personal, but it's extremely general

In dog beers, he’s only had one by GallowBoob in thisismylifenow

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At least someone got it right, unlike the people who post the shirt with seven wines on it saying "in dog wines, I only had one" (((but you really had 49))). By the way, with that mentality, you're implying that dogs live seven times longer than humans

In the Christmas spirit by MolassesBike in JustLearnedTheFWord

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Doesn't really belong on this sub. The joke isn't that he's saying "fuck," which he only did once. If anything, it belongs on r/comedycemetery

I still found it kinda funny, though

Magnets! by brooksiepants in INEEEEDIT

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How are the spheres radially magnetic to every other sphere if same poles repel and opposite poles attract?

Bee_irl by marcushelbling in bee_irl

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Oh god, don't remind me of the bon appetit meme

I have no words by eloci in gatekeeping

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Cold - balls shrivel

Hot - balls hang out

pls by kwy0 in teenagers

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My old Algebra I teacher called it "First Outies Innies Last"

A) He's a grown ass man

B) He made us say it like that

C) That class wanted to make me kill myself because it was so easy and everyone else in the room thought it was hard