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arctander 2 points

Fun little meme! Reminded me of Bob Goldthwaits One Crazy Summer Godzilla. The 80's had some really campy comedies.

chunkymunky420 1 point

Amazing! Thanks for this

mihaipruna 2 points

is the picture with you looking out the ocean sitting on a bench taken in Rye, NH?

chunkymunky420 1 point

La Jolla, CA!

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chunkymunky420 1 point

In The Sims House Party I️ made a character who had a shack in a forest. It was a single room with a toilet, a genie lamp and an inflatable couch to sleep. Every time he rubbed the genie lamp the shack would become plagued with cockroaches. I️ would then make him throw house parties constantly. Everyone would mingle in the single room shack with nothing to do until someone needed to use the toilet and insist that everyone go outside amongst the trees. I️’d also make him order taxis and then from buy mode I’d move the taxi from the street into the forest. We kidnapped many taxis. Eventually my sim got very depressed with his dire living conditions so I️ covered the shack with flammable rugs and set of fireworks inside. Then I️ kidnapped the fire fighters who tried to save him.

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