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C-McCain 3 points

No one will see this but i feel like it's important

Ahh yes, the fine laboring laybrador laying lusciously on the long liquid layne. Looks like love, lessons and lil treats made Louie a v v lovedboye

dickfromaccounting 1 point

I saw it and approved

MusicforEarthworms 746 points

Them boyes is quack quack not bork bork?

dickfromaccounting 94 points

(whispers) hey i like your name

Zahz 13,245 points

There is a Swedish news story about them.

It is in Swedish, but it is gold, because their nicknames are awesome.

De kallar sig Birdie, Windy, Knitting Knight, Teen Slayer and Berra Bang.

Translation: They call themselves Birdie, Windy, Knitting Knight, Teen Slayer and Berra Bang.

dickfromaccounting 12,508 points

Teen Slayer. Oh man, I lost it with that one.

slaeha 42 points

If they don't become tech supports at age <12 how will they ever learn to setup my Virtual reality holographic sex robot/den when I'm 60 and technology passed me by like it did my parents?! It's a god damn rite of passage

dickfromaccounting 2 points

I guess you'll just have to get a hold of yourself

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