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folkingawesome commented on a post in r/HighQualityGifs
hero0fwar [score hidden]

We need a most original category

folkingawesome [score hidden]

And a best Simpsons....

folkingawesome [score hidden]

I nominate this one

oillut 1 point

It's cool but the people clipping through the lines defeats the purpose of the lines even being there.

folkingawesome 1 point

You have to have movement over the lives to create the affect. It's better if you can move across them left to right, but sometimes you just have to push through the plane

itsokayyoucanlaugh 2 points

Damn this is well made.

folkingawesome 1 point
EpicWolverine 2 points

The official app has a very bad implementation of markdown. Try Apollo or Narwhal on iOS or I hear Reddit is Fun or Bacon Reader is good on Android.

folkingawesome 1 point

I use Apollo for everything except replying to messages because the push notifications are so slow, like an hour or more sometimes. So I just have both of them. But then I have to clear the message in the proper app, it's slightly frustrating

produktinfinium 3 points

Add an extra return to get them to show up



folkingawesome 10 points

It's frustrating that it works right on the "official app." Updated.

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cakeslap 8 points

Am I wrong, or is it "bozo" not "bojo"?

folkingawesome -2 points
Arashmickey -12 points

Oh hey I saw this on... a repost.

folkingawesome 9 points
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Astilita 2 points

I'm sure /u/folkingawesome will try to sell you that story

folkingawesome 3 points

That's exactly what it is....the accent

Astilita 3 points
folkingawesome 2 points

Yeah, look like something..... :(

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folkingawesome commented on a post in r/HighQualityGifs
OptagetBrugernavn 9 points

What movie is this?

folkingawesome 18 points

........ Jurassic Park

OptagetBrugernavn 13 points

Oh shit, so that's not Leo Dicaprio? My bad!

folkingawesome 5 points

Hahaha what??????

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folkingawesome commented on a post in r/HighQualityGifs
large__father 8 points

I was hoping for die Antwoord

folkingawesome 3 points
Local_Human 32 points

I guess my joke was bad and I feel bad

folkingawesome 7 points
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folkingawesome commented on a post in r/HighQualityGifs
ThtDAmbWhiteGuy 4 points

So you're hitting the 500 frame limit in PS. If my math is right, you're at about 1400 frames. So if you wanna do the PS route then you're gonna have to render 3 times. First png sequence with 1-500, 2nd as 501-1000, and the 3rd as 1001-1400~. Load them all into PS under separate comps and then you'll have to copy/paste the two secondary comps into the first one. Also make you sure render with these settings to get the best quality. Matt's tutorials will help you out and go into much more detail than I can go in here

This is pretty friggin tedious though. So I'd suggest using a plugin such as Gifgun or GifSquid. I can't speak to any other render plugins as those are the only two that I have used. Although I haven't heard anything bad about what FA mentioned (GifTuna).

folkingawesome 3 points

All of these things too (I was feeling way too lazy to try to explain this, specially on mobile)

folkingawesome 4 points

An easy way is to render strait out of AE with GifSquid or render to a movie and then convert with GifTuna.

Darth_Helcaraxe 7 points

I like it, here goes my take on the elevator scene

folkingawesome 3 points

Hahaha I love what you did with the shots

WardCannon 1 point

Shouldn't've cut out the anal stuff, bud

folkingawesome 3 points
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